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Nothing But Bad Ideas

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I really like the idea of putting the fate of the world into the hands of neurotic recluses.

Mages fuck yeah.

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Why didn’t the Orlesian wardens cut through the deep roads, travel to Orzammar and come out in the Frostback mountains.

They’re in the deep roads literally all the time.

And it’s a fucking blight. The deep roads are mostly empty and there’s really no excuse to not send literally every Warden available.

There are deep roads entrances in Orlais. I know there are.

Huh, good question.

Bullshitty half-answer: possibly Loghain was having all (known) exits guarded?

Getting Orlais to send aid to anybody even in blights is like pulling teeth. They generally only give a fuck about themselves, or will send out ‘help’ basically just to give themselves the opportunity to help themselves to the subsequently weakened territory afterward, taking advantage of war and blight to expand their empire. They usually end up getting kicked out (Kirkwall, Ferelden), but it takes a while.

The Chantry is completely in bed with the Orlesian empire, but whether that also extends to the Orlesian chapters of the Grey Wardens, I’m not 100% sure.

Actually Orlesian wardens were sitting on the other side of the mountains, waiting. It’s in World of Thedas - a letter that Blackwall (yes that one).

Transcribed it says:

"A Fine Time to Close a Border:

The news is dire. There are rumors that our Warden brothers and sisters in Ferelden have all perished. Without the Grey Wardens, the Blight will take Ferelden. Then it will undoubtedly spread. It will go north to Nevarra and the Marches. It will come west to Orlais. At the head will be an Archdemon, and in its wake will come thousands upon thousands of darkspawn. We must be ready to stare squarely into the eyes of oblivion.

Many of you have asked why we remain here when such threats are mounting in the east. The problem, you see, is not a new one for us. Politics. To say Ferelden and Orlais have been at odds is an understatement. These two are like dogs and cats. We Wardens are Orlesian by address only, but that does not seem to matter to Ferelden’s leaders.

Word is that the king of Ferelden is dead. And his successor, Loghain Mac Tir, decrees that no Warden set food in the country. Mac Tir, a national hero who helped expel invading Orlesian forces from Ferelden, seems to have it out for our Order too. Maybe he doubts our abilities. Maybe he is more foolish than the history books make him out to be.

This is why we must wait, even as Ferelden willingly welcomes its fate.”

Also, there is only one Warden outpost in the Free Marches, which is in Ansburg - which if I remember properly from maps is almost at the border of Antiva - so a pretty far way to go.

(I’ve had to research all of this pretty thoroughly for one of my fanfics, so I’m a huge nerd, I admit it. XD)

The deep roads themselves are a complete mess, and it may have been too difficult to try and move that many people (the darkspawn would very likely have noticed that many people with the taint) through, not to mention that the exit would have been right through Orzimmar. I don’t know that Orzimmar would have been okay with that, even if they were all Grey Wardens.

Don’t forget also that the whole reason Riordan was in Howe’s dungeon to begin with was because he’d come through to try and find out what was going on and if they could convince Loghain to let the Wardens through to help. Riordan never even saw Loghain - Howe tricked him and locked him up before he got that far.

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A Brief Treatise on Mage Genetics in Dragon Age


DeliciousPineapple and I have multiple overlapping AUs and intertwining character relationships, both familial and romantic. Being a genetic counselor, I got the urge to diagram them all on a family tree (a pedigree) and tried to show as many of our canons as I reasonable could.


For those of you not familiar with pedigrees, a brief key:

  1. Circles are women, squares are men. A diamond is used when the sex is unknown, or when multiple people of different sexes are grouped together (i.e. Therese and Jethro have five children, some girls and some boys).
  2.  Lines denote relationships: solid for biological, dashed for adoption into the family. A bracket surrounds the person being adopted.
  3. Vertical lines are lines of descent (parent-child) while horizontal ones link two romantic or reproductive partners. As you can see from Cyrus and Therese, it gets a little complicated when you are either in a polyamorous relationship or have had different partners in different AUs. But I couldn’t leave anyone out!
  4. A ^ attached to a single vertical line indicates twins (Bethany and Carver, Cyrus and Therese). One pregnancy, two babies! If they were identical twins, they’d get a little bar across the top of the ^.

Now that you have the basics, you’ll notice that we have a lot of mages in this family, denoted by diagonal shading. People with a dot in the middle of their symbols aren’t mages themselves, but carry a copy of the “mage gene” so they could potentially have a mage child in the future.

Here’s where we get to the part where I start to think too much about details most people don’t care about. BUT, if you want to know my opinion about the mechanics of magical inheritance in Thedas, read on.

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I want to see a Qunari broodmother.





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I seriously cannot overstate how much I love this development team.


I seriously cannot overstate how much I love this development team.

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if force mages can use the maker’s gift of telepathy to fling and crush their enemies, they could use it to be lazy too?


if force mages can use the maker’s gift of telepathy to fling and crush their enemies, they could use it to be lazy too?

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[templar voice] a MAGE we forced to do the harrowing turned into an ABOMINATION and ATTACKED me!!!!!!!!! help i’m being OPPRESSED.

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my warden was a mage

my hawke was a mage

my inquisitor is gonna be a mage

my horse is probably a mage too who knows

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I love that the fan reaction to Zevran not being in Inquisition is that he’s too busy running Antiva, or that he’s chillin’ on the beach with his Warden, or that he and his Warden are too busy having amazing sex and can’t be bothered.  Possibly all three options at once. 

Stay perfect Zevran fans. 

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His eyes gleam with pride at your triumphant (and safe) return to Skyhold.


His eyes gleam with pride at your triumphant (and safe) return to Skyhold.

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